Update: Dear Matt Cutts, Thank You

May 24

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While I did not get any official notification from Mr. Cutts, I did see that the 1st page results for a search on “SEO” is now completely different. There are several websites that are no longer there. The one in particular that I pointed out on my previous post titled “Dear Matt Cutts, The Panda Update Missed This” has been removed. As of the time of this post it is now banished to spot #55. Ouch!!  Also notice that the one above the highlight example in the previous post is now gone as well.

Thank You Matt and Team.

I can’t help but wonder if my post had to something to do with the drastic change. The timing was just too perfect to think otherwise, but I will never know. Unless Matt is at SMX Advanced and I get a chance to ask him.  And even then, I probably wouldn’t get a straight answer.


I will probably do a followup post in the next few months once data starts coming in.  It will be nice to see how the sites where affected.

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