Jun 22

What is this. I went to the external keyword tool and I was presented with the following. I have no idea what it is, but it doesn’t let me go any further. Very interesting. Also, I was not allowed to go back to the legacy style keyword tool. There was no option for that. Maybe this is some new tool to come, but what is this ‘improved backend (Nostradamo). If you know what it is please let me know in the comments or @janesvilleseo

UPDATE: As of 8:00am CST on 6/23/10 I no longer have access to this Nostradamo page, I am now back to the normal Google External Keyword Tool.

Nostradamo Google's Improved Backend


  1. Jun 22

    Dang it’s a nightmare. The link you mention is broken. The legacy keyword research tool is gone. The new tool is liked by many, but I think the old one was so much better. And I could hit “return” without filling in the keywords and it would search for whatever was already in the ad group. So I could add a few placeholders in Adwords Editor, post them, then just pop into the tool quickly. Blah.

  2. paolo
    Jun 23

    i have the exact same problem… did you manage to know what it is?
    Cheers from Italy by the way…

  3. admin
    Jun 23

    I have not found out any more info. I wish I knew for sure. The keyword tool was broken for me. I was unable to search for anything. I hope it is fixed when I log on today.

  4. Jun 23

    I am able to view and use the Keyword tools, but i can not manage the placements, there i find the Nostradamo link.
    At first I thought it was a hack…

  5. Hi,
    We’re having a similar problem with the placement tool. We use Google AdWords’ TR version and we’are still having the same problem :(

  6. Viper
    Jun 23

    I was told it’s a “broadscape” tool; whatever that means! Something to do with mobile devices.

  7. Peter A
    Jun 23

    same link on mine…comes and goes and doesnt allow search….is this a hack or is this google…would be nice to know don’t you think??? Doesn’t anyone know? How could this be from Google the link is broken.

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