New Site Not Indexed In Google

Sep 8

Well, I have to admit that I am a little surprised that this site, has yet to be index in Google.  Well I guess I am not really surprised.  This is a brand spankin new website, with little to now content, no backlinks, no domain name history.

What Have I Done Thus Far

I have covered all of the basics:

  • Signing up for a Google Analytics account
  • Submitting the site to Google Webmasters Tools
  • Submitting a XML sitemap to Google through Webmaster Tools

What Are The Next Steps

If we keep the two major tenants of SEO in mind, Content and Links, then those have to be the next steps.  As we speak I am continuing to add content to this site.  In the coming weeks and months I hope to not only document my journey to top rankings for the keywords Janesville SEO and Janesville Search Engine Optimization, but also write about other search marketing news and tactics and try to to apply them on a local level here in Janesville, WI.

In terms of building links, I will start with blog directories and local directories.  This tends to be a great starting point for new websites.  By adding to local and topical directories it not only tells Google and the other search engines what you are about, but it can help speed up the process of getting indexed.

I will keep you all posted as to when I get indexed within Google, as well as, Yahoo and Bing.  My guess is that Google will be first and within the next couple of days with Yahoo and Bing to follow shortly.

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