Google Suggest SEO is…Easy?!?

Feb 11
google suggest seo is

Google Suggest SEO is...

I feel a little special.  Well at least I am going to take credit for it.  Although I know it just couldn’t have been little old me who did it.  What am I talking about?  Well I am talking about influencing Google Suggest results.

At the end of January I wrote a piece about the hand job for “SEO is” on Google Suggest.  In that article I referenced the picture you see to the left.  In it you can clearly see that results are a little skewed to the negative side of SEO to say the least.  Additionally I came to the ultimate conclusion that the suggested searches did not seem to equal what was being searched for.  On top of that I also said the following:

We can check that by doing a search for “seo is bullshit“, ~389,00o results, or more precisely “allintitle:seo is bullshit“, ~217 results.  So there are sites in their index with these keywords.  But to counter, a search for “allintitle:seo is easy” has ~3570 results, and has a 36 for Global Monthly Search Volume.  So why is “seo is bullshit” in the suggestion and not “seo is easy.”

Google Suggest SEO is Easy

Google Suggest SEO is Easy

In that post I called out why “SEO is Easy” deserved, on all accounts, to be in the suggested searches.  Well, today I feel as though I have some small power over Google, or rather maybe just some psychic abilities.  Take a look at the screen grab to the right.  Do you see what I see? Yep. That very last result says “SEO is Easy”.  I did it,  I put that there, well, I like to think I did.  And at the very same time I did my part help our community by getting one negative suggestion out: “SEO is Snake Oil”.

No need to thank me my fellow SEOs and SEMs ;)  Google Suggest fascinates me to say the least.  I think I am going to be spending more and more time digging into it.

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  1. admin
    Aug 13


    Thanks for getting in touch. I do not provide services for this. But I may be able to help, first there are couple places out there that can help. The way to push this down is by making other content more important. But that is hard to do since you need to overwhelm Google to the point they recognize that these new similar queries are more important and should show up. There are several Online Reputation Management Firms out there, but depending on what you need they may not be able to help. May I ask what the search suggestions are?

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