Expired Domains – Side Effect of Google Caffeine

Jun 30

I almost feel like, I may be letting the cat out of the bag on this one. I am not a domainer nor do I pretend to be one, but as an SEO, I know how powerful the right domain can be. Just like in real estate, there are just only so many domains to go around. Anyways, in my travels last night I noticed a peculiar result in the SERPs.

As you can see it is a domain that is in the process of expiring and being put back into the wild. What is interesting here, is that it ranks well for a keyword phrase that has enough traffic that it is worth my time to go out and optimize for. So naturally my mind thinks hell I should try to purchase this domain for my client and 301 redirect it to their site. But this also gets me thinking, if there is one, there have to be more, right? But how many more.

If we do a simple search on Google – allintitle:”domain expired” we see that there are over 35,000 results. Now this is not a accurate number, but still, that is a lot of pages with that in the title. However, we do notice that there are other results that are not expired domains. I am lazy like the next guy, so I want to see more than just the standard 10 results so lets modify the search query to see 300 results at a time instead: “Expired Domains”

We have scroll all the way to the bottom of this list, but once we do we see that there are a whole bunch of results similar to the initial one I found. Google will only show you approximately the first 890 results, but that number of over 35,000 remains consistent even when we go back to the last page.

Now I now what you are thinking, did you find any other good domains when doing this?. Well I spent a little time doing some initial research into some of the domains, and there are some decent ones to potentially grab.

One I found was: www.blizzconsweepstakes.com – This appears to be somewhat of an official site and would probably be good for some WOW affiliate sites. According to Open Site Explorer its a decent site.

Another one that seemed promising was: anseattle.org – This was a site that has some medical related links, so it would probably be great for all of the scammers and spammers out there. According to Open Site Explorer the site has even more Domain Authority than the previous one.

Happy Domain Hunting

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