Market Motive SEO Master Certification Course Day 1

Sep 14

My employer, Top Floor Technologies, has been vary generous in alloying me and 2 of my coworkers sign up and partake in the Master Certification Course offered by Market Motive and Search Engine Journal.  I hope to chronicle my experience in the 90 day course.

Day 1: Orientation

Today was the first day and we all had to call into an orientation phone conference.  We went over the syllabus, where and what the assignments are, and what we are going to be graded on.  I am not going to chronicle as much as I can without giving everything away for free.  These courses cost $3500.00 a pop and we used the discount code and saved $1000.00.  The first day of orientation was actually cut a little short.  There was some phone trouble on the instructors and he was dropped from the call.  He did make arrangements to continue the call later in the day and to set aside time tomorrow to finish it up if anybody was unavailable.

My Expectations

I have a lot of expectations going into this training and certification course.  As with you, I was a little leary going into.  I mean is there really any true SEO Certification Course out there that is worth its salt.  As I was learning more and more about the course being offered by Market Motive and Search Engine Journal, the more it sounded like this was worth it.  What I really like about the course is that it is being taught by some of the best people in the field; Avinash Kaushik, Bryan Eisenberg, Andrew Goodman, Andrew Goodman, Matt Bailey, Jennifer Evans Laycock, and Todd Malicoat.  Additionally after watching the Faculty Panel Challenge from the last class, it highlighted that you have to really earn this Master Certification from top industry practitioners.  Michael Stebbins in that video indicated that not everyone made it to this point and not everyone who made it to this point is automatically going to pass.

Initial Overview

At this point, things look pretty good.  There is a nice balance between theory and hands on experience.  There is going to be a self guided e learning video course.  Each section looks like there is a nice range of assignments, mini (non graded) quiz’s, readings, and videocasts. At the end of that, about half way through, there is a final test on this material.  Then we have a hands on project where we get to demonstrate our knowledge of SEO/SEM.  There are also some essay questions that need to be completed and a peer review of  a classmate’s project.

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