Day 3 – SEO Crash Course

Sep 17

It has been a couple days since my last post, but that is because I not only have clients to serve, but also a couple personal projects that I am working on.  I am nearly finished with the first section.  The first section is dedicated to a crash course in SEO Fundamentals.  It really is a crash course.  It covers all of the basic tried and true best practices for proper search engine optimization.  Examples of areas that are covered include: Title Tags, Meta Data, Links, Site Structure, No Follows, Robot.txt, Header Tags, Block Level Analysis, etc.  If you are not familiar with these concepts, I recommend doing some studying (Googling), to get a better understanding before you start the course.   Some great takeaways from this section so far revolve around some misnomers; keyword density, no follow changes, and external linking.  I had inklings that all these were true, as true as anything is in SEO, but it was great to see them being spoken to from someone who knows what they are doing.

SEO Training Observations and Comments

After every videocast there is a small non graded quiz that covers what was talked about in each section.  Each video varies in length, but they are all quite long.  Additionally the videocasts are at least 30 minutes in length, if not more.  I can not give an exact time due to the way the videos are broken up.  One possible option that would be great to have would be a way to add it to my ipod (podcast).  I would love to use my1 hour plus commute to listen and study these topics.  There is no official way to do this, but I suspect since it is a streaming video feed, that one can simply grab it if they really wanted to.  Also, I think the quizzes could be more in depth as well.  They are really short almost too short given the length of the videos.  Lastly, it would be great if the videos themselves were of a higher quality.  For the amount of money that we are paying I would think this could be accomplished.  I understand that these Master Certifications and classes are new on the scene so there probably was little to know seed money involved, but going forward, it would be nice.  Kind of like how the SEOmoz Training Videos are.  The second series is way more higher quality.

Even though I am not yet done with the first course, I am pleased with the pace.  Given that this is a Masters Search Engine Optimization Certification Course, the first section should be the most basic and if this is the most basic then the rest should be really great.  I am looking forward to more advanced topics and they even added some cutting edge sections.  One section that should be worthwhile will be SEO for Mobile Devices.  This is an area that is going to explode and I have yet a real world chance to focus any effort into expanding my knowledge on this subject.

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