Janesville SEO is Now On Twitter

Sep 25

I thought it was about time to join the twitterevolution.  I am signed up on twitter @janesvilleseo.  I am also, currently experimenting with a TwitterTools.

Seamless Blog and Twitter Integration

Twitter Tools claims to have a seamless integration between your blog and your twitter feed.  All I can say so far that it installed really easily and I only had to supply my twitter user-name and password to connect.  It is now up and running with this post being the first auto tweet.  Twitter Tools provides a lot more features then just auto tweeting from a blog post.  You can also do the reverse and create a blog post from a tweet.  Not sure if I am going to need that feature on this blog, but it may come in handy a few for one down the road I am working on.  Another feature is the ability to create daily and weekly digest posts from your tweets.  This may come in handy here on Janesvilleseo.com.  That is if I end up tweeting a whole lot.  And of course the last feature is the ability to incorporate your tweets on your blog.

Only time will tell if this plugin is worth its weight, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be more than worth it.

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