Data Dimensions Web Site Audit

Sep 17

Data Dimensions, located right here in Janesville, WI just announced that they are expanding their facility by 20,000 square feet.  This expansion will add 50 new jobs to their payroll.  However, although they are expanding their facility which by itself is a huge capital investment, they are not yet fully capitalizing on the potential of their digital real estate, their website.

High Level Market Analysis

In order to get a understanding of just what type of opportunities exist on the web, we need to do some initial research into just how big and competitive the market is.  To keep it simple, we will look at just one keyword, search phrase, that is probably pretty important to Data Dimensions.  That keyword is ‘business process outsourcing’.  Where did i get this keyword. I got it straight on their homepage of their site –

According to Google, this keyword, is searched for approximately 9,900 times every month just here in the U.S.  If we look at the global search volume it is searched for 22.200 time each and every month.  This is huge key term.  Realistically, you are not going to get all of that traffic even if you are number 1, however, if you were in the first position on Google alone, we could estimate about 40% of those searches would result in visitors to the website.  So if we make it an even 10,000 searches and do the math that means Data Dimensions is missing about 4000 visits every month on just 1 keyword and on just 1 search engine.  On top of that if we assume that on average 1% of those visitors turns into a business lead, (1% is normal),  40 business leads alone.  If we continue down this path that means that with an average close rate of 10% that is 4 new clients a month and I am pretty sure that the services are not cheap.

Where Does Data Dimensions Currently Stand

If we do a search for the keyword ‘business process outsourcing’, we find that Data Dimensions does not currently appear on page one.  So where do they appear?  We need to go to page 16, position 151.  Nobody in their right mind goes to page 4 let alone page 16.  This is just for that one keyword.  There are probably a variety of key search phrases that Data Dimensions should, and would more than likely, want to appear in the top 10 for.

A Few Key Areas They Should Address

There are a lot of things that matter when it comes to optimizing a website, but they fall into two categories; onsite (everything on the website) and offsite (usually linking or things not on the website). For the sake of this post, I will just highlight the areas of concern

Onsite Changes

  • Proper use of Titles and Meta Data
  • Internal Link Structure needs to fall inline with their core services
  • Proper use of Header Tags
  • Add real pages and not PDFs
  • Develop Content, Copy, and Pages that support their core services
  • Add a Contact Us Form
  • Install Web Tracking on entire site, not just homepage, to measure results

Offsite Changes

  • Develop a Linking Strategy
  • Properly Format PR releases for the web
  • Get Links from everywhere, especially clients

So Much Online Growth Potential

Just from this top level analysis of the size of the online market we can clearly see that there is a lot of potential growth for Data Dimensions if they were to invest into their website.  This could easily translate into real jobs here in Janesville.  We can see that the global market is larger then the domestic one.  That means we can bring new dollars here to Janesville as well.

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