Update: Dear Matt Cutts, Thank You

May 24

While I did not get any official notification from Mr. Cutts, I did see that the 1st page results for a search on “SEO” is now completely different. There are several websites that are no longer there. The one in particular that I pointed out on my previous post titled “Dear Matt Cutts, The Panda […]

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Dear Matt Cutts, The Panda Update Missed This

May 9

*Disclaimer: I have no personal bias towards anyone for anything, this is just something I found that I feel should be fixed. Down the SEO Rabbit Hole When was the last time you did a Google search for the keyword “SEO“.  Being an Internet Marketer and an SEO, it is something that I have not […]

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There is a Secret About The New Google SERP

Aug 23

Wow, I never noticed it until now and I bet you didn’t either.  There is a secret message on the newish Google Search Engine Result Page.  Before I get to it, let me give you some hints. Hint 1:  It is kinda like the FedEx Logo, but not in the logo. Hint 2: It is […]

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Expired Domains – Side Effect of Google Caffeine

Jun 30

I almost feel like, I may be letting the cat out of the bag on this one. I am not a domainer nor do I pretend to be one, but as an SEO, I know how powerful the right domain can be. Just like in real estate, there are just only so many domains to […]

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Jun 22

What is this. I went to the external keyword tool and I was presented with the following. I have no idea what it is, but it doesn’t let me go any further. Very interesting. Also, I was not allowed to go back to the legacy style keyword tool. There was no option for that. Maybe […]

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Importance of Reviews on Google LBC

Mar 29

So just how important are reviews on Google Local Business Center Listings?  Short Answer: Very.  Now for the long winded answer. There is a general consensus that reviews are very important.  According to David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors 2009 Report in which 26 Industry Veterans were surveyed the following results were reported: The scale […]

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Google Suggest SEO is…Easy?!?

Feb 11

I feel a little special.  Well at least I am going to take credit for it.  Although I know it just couldn’t have been little old me who did it.  What am I talking about?  Well I am talking about influencing Google Suggest results. At the end of January I wrote a piece about the […]

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Snake Oil In My Own Backyard

Feb 8

I know that they are out there, but I didn’t know that they were right next door.  What am I talking about exactly?  Well, let me tell you the story that brought me to this slap in the face statement. It all started with an email.  The email was addressed to me from my father.  […]

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Google Suggest Seo Is…?

Jan 27

It came to my attention yesterday from a coworker that I should type into Google the following “SEO is”.  And to my <sarcasm>shock</sarcasm> we got the results you see in the picture to the right.  In case you are unable to see the picture I will list them: SEO is bullshit SEO is dead SEO […]

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What Google’s Suggest A Link Really Means

Oct 5

This may be old news to most, but Google has been for quite some time now adding actual results/links inside the search box. This is seen only on the main homepage of Google and not yet applied to iGoogle. They also provide adds within that same suggestion field, but through my testing lately I was […]

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